Willen House - Student Housing
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Willen House - Student Housing
What are my responsibilities whilst living at Willen House?

Residents are responsible for cleaning their own studio room.  Vacuum cleaners are supplied at the Halls but residents will need to supply their own cleaning products. 

Hall Management Staff inspect rooms regularly and you are expected to ensure that an appropriate level of cleanliness is maintained.  If the manager is of the opinion that your room is not as clean as can be reasonably expected it will be professionally cleaned and the cost taken from your deposit. All communal areas will be regularly cleaned and maintained by the Halls Housekeeping Staff.  We do expect residents to act courteously and respectfully to fellow residents and to those within the local vicinity.

All residents residing in Willen House are subject to the Halls Disciplinary Procedures where breaches of the Licence Agreement occur.  Click here for more information on the disciplinary procedures and click here to read the Licence Agreement.