Willen House - Student Housing
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Willen House - Student Housing
What type of rooms and rates are available at Willen House?

There are five bands of studio rooms available at Willen House.  These reflect the size and position of the rooms.

The bands are priced as follows:

Band   Room Type   Price per week 2019-20
   1   Studio Study Room < 17m2   £248.23
   2   Streetside Studio Room < 17m2   £253.00
   3   Studio Study Room 17m2 - 23m2   £263.74

  Streetside Studio Room 17m2 - 23m2

   5   Studio Study Room > 23m2   £275.44

Please click here to learn more about the accommodation and view the floor layouts of Willen House.  Each room is colour coded reflecting the price of the room.