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What about phones and TV?


There is a phone in the room which is purely for internal calls. Most students buy a low cost 'pay as you go' mobile phone (cellphone) once they’ve settled in to Willen House.

As the rooms have broadband internet connections you can use Skype. You can also purchase an internet (VoIP) phone for use with our broadband service. This provides low cost international calls.

Call charges


There is no TV in the room but there is a large-screen plasma TV in the common room, along with a DVD player.

Although the rooms do not have an aerial (antenna) outlet a few students have occasionally bought portable TVs with built-in aerials.

Please note that the TV signal strength in the rooms is not strong and there is no guarantee of receiving a picture.

A separate TV is not really necessary as all the main UK TV channels, plus a selection of international TV and radio stations, are available over the broadband connection in the room and can be viewed on your computer screen.   

Additional services such as online gaming, faster broadband speeds, online file storage, TV programme recording and VoIP phone access are available for additional one-off payments. 

Please note that a TV licence is required to receive broadcast TV services (including via computer) and residents are responsible for their own licences. Licence options here:


TV On Demand (no licence required):

The main TV channels now stream the majority of their programmes over the web. The best system is the BBC's iPlayer which allows you to store TV programmes on your computer for up to one month. It also automatically downloads episodes if you are watching a series (season) of programmes. To do this you'll need to install their free desktop app.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer desktop app download

ITV Player

Channel 4 On Demand

Channel 5 On Demand